Say you’re not like most people. Any chance you get, you want to be different. Wear different clothes. Wear different accessories. Be the perfect mix of kooky, eccentric, but classy and elegant. If this sounds anything like you, you’ll love the Moon Satellite Watch.

From a collaboration by Urwerk And De Bethune Ur-Bethune, the Moon Satellite Watch represents a harmonious blend of these two super distinct Swiss watchmakers. You get a mirror-polished titanium case, with its hollow lugs and 12 o’clock crown. Those wee elements recall Bethune’s DB25 timepiece. On the other hand, you have the watch’s satellite time indication, spherical moon phase, and URDB01 caliber movement. These all represent Urwerk’s past achievements.

The resulting watch is a one of a kind beauty that’s simply like no other. Seriously, will you look at the thing? It looks like a freaking race car. On your wrist. Super futuristic.

The Moon Satellite Watch comes in at 43mm and can run up to 96 hours just off its reserve power. Plus, its moonphase is accurate to one lunar day every 122 years. Set for auction at an approximate price of between $122,000 and $150,000, the watch is also a charitable sale. Proceeds will go to the fight against Duchenne muscular dystrophy.

The auction will happen in Geneva this coming Nov. 9. We sure do hope this isn’t the last collaboration we’ll see from those two watchmakers, because this is already an iconic emblem of their fused sensibilities. To learn more, make sure to hit the link below.