Film buffs out there remember that a Lamborghini Miura P400 was destroyed in the opening scenes of The italian Job, released in 1969. Where has that vehicle been since?

Not many people know this, but there were actually two rides that day. One had previously been wrecked, and the other was a fully functioning Lamborghini Miura. That surviving variant didn’t see the light of day for decades after the movie’s release. You’re looking at it now, though.

Lamborghini has now confirmed that this is, in fact, the Miura from the movie. The automaker calls this its most wanted car in 1969, which is easy to believe. It looks incredibly sleek and refreshing, especially in that vibrant orange colorway. The movie made it even cooler.

A customer bought this Miura as new in Rome once the movie wrapped up and didn’t surface much ever since. In 2018, Lamborghini later found it, a number of hand-passing later, in Lichtenstein, from owner Fritz Kaiser. He shelled out a little over half a million dollars for it, just so you know. It’s probably worth more now, though.

“The car was sent to Lamborghini’s specialist historic department at its Sant’ Agata Bolognese headquarters, where Polo Storico’s reconstruction started from documentation in the company archives and from examining the car,” according to Lamborghini. Several testimonies and a rigorous process of evidence-checking later, the company confirmed its origins.

It now stands fully varnished in newness, a relic of automotive and cinematic excellence in with a modern coat of paint. Check out more photos of this dazzling ride below.


Photos courtesy of Lamborghini