An interesting piece of property is recently up for sale and some of you might want to check it out. While we normally feature your typical dwellings, this one might be a little different. You see, the building many know as The Magic Factory used to be the headquarters of renowned Ken Fulk and his team of creatives.

It’s at 310 7th Street, San Francisco, California, and its completion was in 1908. The Magic Factory originally functioned as a furniture store in the 1920s before it was turned into Mr. S Leather – an S&M leather factory.

In 2007 it was under Fulk’s name and revamped into what it is today. The total lot size is about 4,356 square feet, while the warehouse spans 14,000 square feet across all its floors. Handling The Magic Factory’s listing are brokers Jeremy Lee and Brian Leung of LL CRE Group.

Their description reads, “The property is 4 levels of open space with gorgeously sandblasted brick walls and rows of exposed timber. Bright and operable industrial steel windows allow natural light on three sides of the building.

Ken Fulk Incorporated was using the lower floors as an office for approximately 60 employees. As for the upper floors, they function as the residence of the owner with furniture and decorations according to his personal tastes.

Sources claim The Magic Factory was no longer big enough to accommodate the brand’s growth. Therefore, it now awaits somebody who can fork over $8.9 million. Interested buyers who plan to use it for commercial purposes have access to an 11-car parking lot. The volumes within are expansive and even come with a large freight elevator.

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Images courtesy of LL CRE Group