Apart from the ridiculous amounts we hear about in auctions, some whiskeys do command a premium price. It all boils down to the distillery and the age statement of the blend. Still when you chase after the years of maturation expect to pay a hefty sum for a bottle. The Macallan’s new The Red Collection 77-year-old single malt can be yours for $87,000.

If this seems unreasonably high, then you need to check out just how much a recently announced premium rum costs. Cartagena, Colombia-based distillery Dictador unveiled the M-City Golden Cities – a curated experience that includes a 24-carat gold bottle. This exclusive promotion is reportedly a staggering $1 million a pop.

By contrast, The Macallan’s latest whiskey seems affordable. The 77-year-old single malt is the oldest offering by the group for 2022 and the newest addition to its growing The Red Collection of expressions. Whiskey enthusiasts with deep pockets and serious collectors will not hesitate to grab one or more of these.

By now, it should be clear that age does not equate to excellent spirits. However, this is The Macallan we’re talking about here. So far, The Red Collection has welcomed whiskeys with maturation periods between 40 to 78 years. One of the most luxurious releases from the distillery to date is the $125,000 The Reach.

Nevertheless, this 77-year-old single malt should hold up against anything you compare it with. “The Macallan 77 Years Old is an incredible new high-aged guest expression for The Red Collection, which has been crafted from some of the world’s oldest and rarest casks,” notes The Macallan whiskey maker Kirsteen Campbell.

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Images courtesy of The Macallan