After supplying whiskey enthusiasts with its outstanding Harmony Collection, The Macallan has another treat for its followers via its third outing. After spoiling us with bespoke blends highlighting curated tasting notes, its latest releases are an artistic collaboration with Stella McCartney and Mary McCartney. Along with two wonderful expressions, there’s also a catalog of lifestyle products designed by the sisters.

If you’re a Beatles fan, then these two lovely ladies should be familiar faces already. Daughters of the legendary Sir James Paul McCartney, they are collaborating with the famed distillery by celebrating the natural wonders of Scotland. Particularly, the most recent Harmony Collection focuses on everything that elevates the drinking experience.

Of course, the true superstars here are the two bottles of The Macallan’s Highland Single Malt each delivering unique aromas and flavor profiles. Both were also matured in bourbon and sherry casks and feature packaging and labels crafted with meadow cuttings from land surrounding the distillery.

The Amber Meadow’s hue is described as “summer evening” and delivers fragrances of ripe barley fields, honeysuckle, lemon, orange, coconut, and vanilla. Meanwhile, each sip reminds you of green tea, almond, melon, lemon, rich oak, and a classic scone. The Macallan states the finish is “rich, sweet, long, and complex.”

Next in the Harmony Collection is the Green Meadow, touting a shade of “spring morning.” A whiff of the whiskey entrances your nostrils with essences of honeydew melon, bluebells, fresh orange, fresh lemon, wild primrose, and petrichor. Moreover, you can taste fresh oak, creamy vanilla, rich lemon, and barley sugars as the spirit leaves a “sweet, fragrant, long, and creamy” finish.

If these single malt whiskeys from the new Harmony Collection are not enough, perhaps the TOGETHER: A Collection for The Macallan by Stella and Mary McCartney might be what your liquor cabinet needs. Take your pick from glass tumblers, brass napkin weights, brass napkin trays, coasters, ceramic bowls, brass tongs, glass water jugs, lambswool blankets, framed photographs of The Macallan estate, ceramic flasks, and ice stamps.

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Images courtesy of The Macallan