There is nothing ordinary about this luxury item. Created by a company called Roland Iten, this elegant contraption is actually a belt buckle, and it is only one of the many exquisite mechanical accessories that the Swiss company makes for stylish gentlemen. It is known as the R60 Diablo Belt Buckle, and it was designed together with world-famous jeweler and watch collector Claude Sfeir.

R60 Diablo Belt Buckle R60 Diablo Belt Buckle Top

The most striking part of the buckle is the massive 60.66-carat diamond with a gorgeous cognac color. Manufactured by expert craftsmen, this is a beautiful piece of micro engineering, calibrated to perfection. It flaunts 109 different parts, all made of expensive metals – grade 5 titanium and 18 carat rose gold. The mechanism is inspired by the flawlessness of Swiss timepieces, borrowing watchmaking technologies for a beautiful result.

The large diamond was sourced from Golconda, India, and it catches the eye with a kite-shaped brilliant cut. Its size and brown-orange color are also undeniably stunning, making the entire piece stand out even more. The R60 Diablo Belt Buckle took eight months of careful planning and developing, but the final result is absolutely breathtaking.

R60 Diablo Belt Buckle Open Front R60 Diablo Belt Buckle Open Back