No self-respecting everyday carry fan can skip The James Brand in their EDC kit. A trusted and reliable name on ultra-portable and ultra-functional tools, The James Brand is already a household name for many. Its latest, an update on The Chapter, brings a number of measured upgrades to its flagship knife.

You’ll find that the trademark design remains intact. The James Brand certainly didn’t want to reinvent what’s already considered a near-perfect model. So you’re still getting the Titanium frame-lock construction and minimal moving parts for long term low-maintenance care.

Even still, you’ll find some serious under-the-hood refinements here that make the knife an even more airtight EDC essential.

The blade of The Chapter is now features incredible Crucible S35vn stainless steel, for instance. That’s a benchmark-grade, corrosion-resistant knife material that’s easy to care for.

You’ll also find ceramic bearings and a hidden lockface insert. The clip is now boasting 416 stainless steel and you get a 6al4v Titanium spacer, as well. For the handle material, you’re looking at 6al4v Titanium.

The Chapter comes in a variety of blade types and finishes. Colorways include Titanium plus Stainless, Black plus Stonewashed, and a combination of Black plus Titanium plus Stonewashed.

It’s a knife built for heavy-duty use and springs at the ready if you’re ever in a pinch. If you need a solid blade, you’ve found it. The Chapter is $295 a pop. Not good for your pockets, certainly. But perfect if you’re looking for a trusty companion in your adventures.


Photos courtesy of The James Brand