The James Brand has produced several iterations of its Ellis folder over the years and they have all been fully functional while boasting minimalist designs. But the newest version, The Ellis Slim, may just be the thinnest full-sized folder in the Ellis and Elko family of slip-joint pocket knives.

TJB removed the scissor arm that it added to the standard Ellis last year and shaved 4mm off the knife body’s thickness to come up with this sleek folder. What you get is a knife that truly lives up to its name. It is thinner than a pack of gum at just 3 inches (8mm from 12mm). The handle is 3.5 inches long and the overall knife length is 6.5 inches. 

But TJB retained the other utility tools including its All-Things pry and scraper on the butt end which would come in handy when you want to pry something open or loose. You can also use these tools to turn screws, remove a nail, or scrape unsightly stickers. Just like the 2022 Ellis, The Ellis Slim is a two-handed non-locking operation and features the same 2.6-inch blade made again from Swedish 12C27N stainless steel. The blade comes in both partially serrated and straight-bladed variants. 

Moreover, the handle is available in two options in terms of material. It comes in either aluminum or G-10 scales, which can either be black or tan. Meanwhile, the aluminum handle is currently only available in a bright yellow colorway. 

Naturally, given its thin design, The James Brand’s The Ellis Slim Knife is also lightweight at just 1.8 ounces. This folder also comes with a deep carry wire pocket clip for further portability. 

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Images courtesy of The James Brand