The James Brand introduces a new eyewear-grade, eco acetate material sourced from Australian company OTIS Eyewear to the Ellis Multi-Tool as part of its move toward sustainability.  The collaboration merges style and function in a compact design perfect for EDC aficionados and outdoor enthusiasts alike.

The acetate used is derived from plant-based components and cotton seeds, making it biodegradable and recyclable. Finished in a desert tortoise pattern, the scale is a great departure from the tactical silhouette of this everyday workhorse. It offers a stylish alternative while also being environmentally friendly. 

Aside from the striking 3.5″ long handle, The James Brand also took customers’ feedback and redesigned the Ellis Multi-Tool from the ground up to make it very versatile. It now comes with the brand’s very first scissors which complements the 2.6″ long drop point SANDVIK 12C27 steel blade. A nail nick deploys the blade which is available in both straight and serrated versions for maximum flexibility.

Moreover, this EDC is updated with a slip-joint locking mechanism for ease of use and features a new deep-carry wire clip for portable carry. Enhancing its functionality is the addition of useful tools including The James Brand’s All-Things pry tool, scraper, and a flathead screwdriver.

Not only does The James Brand Ellis Multi-Tool cut and slice, it can also turn screws, pry out nails, or scrape stickers and more. Not to mention, it is easy in the hands and the pocket, weighing just 2.6 oz and measuring an overall length of 6.5″. Clip it to your pocket or hang it with your keys for on-the-go access via a built-in keychain hole.

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Images courtesy of The James Brand