There isn’t a shortage of incredible custom motorcycle projects throughout the year. However, the Ironwood Chain Smoker is a strong contender for being one of the best custom jobs we’ve seen so far.

The awesome-looking bike you see above actually began as a Husqvarna Vitpilen 701. That bit is surprising because that’s a relatively new bike. With custom bike jobs, you usually start with tattered old models, ones that barely even work and have to be dredged out of someone’s super dusty garage. But Ironwood still took the challenge of making an already new and perfectly functioning ride into something even better.

The end result is a seriously impressive-looking bike with minimalist undertones. Minimalist in the sense that the overall look is still very understated despite looking so exposed. Which is actually a hard balance to pull off. Ironwood did so by integrating a classic design with high-end components. They delivered a motorcycle that boasts slick innards to match its brutal yet eye-catching exterior. As such, perhaps the most significant change is the chopped-off tail, showing off the frame and engine components under the seat.

The look of the Ironwood Chain Smoker is complemented by a custom leather seat and integrated LED indicators and tail lights. The re-mounted OEM tail light adds a nice touch. It also fits in perfectly with the entire angular geometric camouflage coat job.

We expect to see more custom bike jobs in the coming months. But we’re seriously doubting whether they’re going to be as cool as what Ironwood did with this freshly minted Husqvarna Vitpilen 701.


Photos courtesy of IWC Motorcycles