If you’re still on the fence regarding the devastating effects of climate change, perhaps this public art installation might offer some insights. As it stands right now, experts from all over the world continue to argue whether the issue is fact or fiction. One design studio proposes the construction of the in TIME? as a call for sustainability.

Given humans have yet to nail down the science of interstellar travel, every living thing on this planet is doomed if all our resources are lost. So far, there are initiatives in place to hopefully reduce or completely do away with carbon emissions. Studio Aditya Mandlik came up with the in TIME? as an attraction for anyone who drops by Mannheim, Germany.

The Mumbai, India-based firm envisions an “energy production and harvesting landscape” for people to draw inspiration from. We believe it also showcases the green technologies currently available that can be innovated to benefit the environment and halt climate change.

Arranged in a circular pattern are seven public spaces each shaped like slices of pie. True to its namesake, these units are comprised of 24 glowing pillars, which along with the earlier divisions represent the days of the week and the number of hours in a day.

Furthermore, the studio tells us the columns likewise integrate “light cones, solar fins, horticulture pods, vertical gardens, and energy reservoirs.” Reports tell us the in TIME? can produce around 1077.6 MWh every year to power the city and the art installation as well. Overall, we think there is a noble purpose to this, and it needs to be commissioned ASAP!

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Images courtesy of Studio Aditya Mandlik