We were not disappointed by Razer’s latest April Fools’ Day gag as the Cthulhu was marketed as a gaming chair with advanced robotics and artificial intelligence. However, if you are in the market for cooking appliances with smart features, Samsung offers a trio suited for a connected home. Let’s check out these models to see if one or more can make meal preparation an enjoyable experience.

Before we go further, please note these are the flagship SKUs in their respective categories and are priced to match their cutting-edge functionalities. Up first is the NV7B6799AAK or what the manufacturer calls a “built-in pyrolytic flex door oven with AI camera.” With a capacity of 76 liters, it’s ideal for larger servings to feed more people.

There are two zones that allow you to cook various dishes separately. It even supports a steam mode for more versatility. Its unique selling point is the AI Pro internal camera which streams live footage of the dish. Use this to remotely check the food on your smartphone or tablet to see if it’s ready to serve or not.

The next item is the NZ64B6058kk — “a black induction cooktop with Flex Zone Plus.” As more homes switch from natural gas to flameless systems, this is a slim alternative that easily matches any kitchen’s motif. Samsung makes it easy to clean with the detachable magnetic control knob. It likewise detects the size and number of cookware for efficient cooking.

With Wi-Fi enabled, monitor and control its settings via the SmartThings app. You will receive notifications directly on your smartphone if a timer you set has elapsed and check if the cooktop was not turned off. Last, but not least, Samsung gives culinary enthusiasts the NK36CB665WBG.

Smoke and odors from cooking can become overwhelming without a means to vent them out. As such, this stylish range hood should complete your kitchen makeover along with the aforementioned items. It touts a low-noise operation and illuminates whatever is underneath with the built-in LED light bar.

Samsung also keeps the controls intuitive with an LED-backlit touch panel. Toggles the settings to automatically activate the range hood whenever the compatible induction cooktop is activated. If you’ve held off from an upgrade, now is the best time to switch to modern appliances like these.

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Images courtesy of Samsung