Speakers come in many shapes and materials, but not many look as striking as The Imperia by OMA. Featuring a series of conical horns, the system not only delivers excellent sound quality, but also completely changes the aesthetics of the room that it is placed in.

The Imperia, Four Way Horn System The Imperia by OMA

In a beautiful juxtaposition of materials, metal meets wood and slate for an irresistible visual effect. Bold, quirky and exuding contemporary elegance, the speakers are the result of many hours of work and development.

The cones were manufactured using only the light colored sap wood from each tree, meaning that the fabrication involved extra labor and care. The remarkable industrial design was conceived by David D’Imperio, and each finished speaker measures 86 inches high, 60 inches deep (at the horn’s deepest point) and 41 inches wide. The square base is 41 x 41 inches.

Ultimate Speaker by OMA The Imperia Ultimate Speaker by OMA, Ultimate Speaker by OMA, The Imperia