Legendary design studio Pininfarina is a household name among automotive enthusiasts. While most of us are limited to admiring their works, a privileged few get to enjoy these mechanical masterpieces. What some are not aware of is that the firm extends its services beyond motoring platforms. A stunning example would be this sophisticated chaise lounge dubbed the Oksýs.

If you’re already building up a collection of works by the Italian group, this opulent piece of furniture is a fine addition to any home or office. Even just a quick glimpse of the sleek silhouette leaves a lasting impression. With the Oksýs, not only does it offer premium comfort for relaxation, but it also doubles as a form of functional decor.

In short, this is a luxurious seat crafted to be seen as an avant-garde sculpture of sorts. Pininfarina’s in-house architect — Marco Becucci — is the man behind this work of art, which was presented as a prototype at Milan Design Week last month. The showpiece was constructed out of less glamorous materials like polyurethane and epoxy resin.

However, the commercial version will be purportedly rendered in aluminum, steel, and perhaps other metals as well.  “Seen from above, Oksýs is smooth and reflects light with no aggressive angles,” explains the designer, “This upper part invites the user to touch it, while the lower section offers a textural counterpoint, left coarse and milled to resemble an untouched rock.”

The description is fitting given it resembles a natural geode mounted on a base, with the upper section carved into an ergonomic surface. Pininfarina says only three examples of the Oksýs are planned for production. Interested buyers can only get the chaise lounge from the Rossana Orlandi gallery.

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Images courtesy of Pininfarina