While many of us are glad that autumn finally provides respite from the sweltering heat of summer, the temperatures will soon drop drastically in some regions. As such, energy consumption is expected to surge as homes turn to conventional heating solutions to stay comfortable indoors. However, if you want to cut costs yet feel toasty and cosy, a space heater like the Tornado is a unique and eco-friendly option.

The product is not yet on store shelves but is already late into its crowdfunding campaign. As of our writing, the Tornado has already amassed $48,993 in pledges from 242 backers with 23 days to go. Take advantage of the “Early Bird” promotion to score a substantial discount off the suggested retail price. Now, what makes this item unique?

According to the Egloo, what we have here is an all-in-one contraption that is both a visual and olfactory showpiece for any room. Moreover, Mother Nature and your wallet will be grateful for the investment. Instead of electricity or natural gas, the Tornado uses bioethanol which is gradually released by the ceramic wool within the tank.

It is crafted out of Terra de Flamma — a special type of terracotta which uniformly absorbs and distributes heat. Special cutouts and geometry of the Tornado produce a chimney-like effect and also add the spinning effect to the flame. For safety, a heat-resistant glass window provides a clear view of the dancing display of combustion within. 

As noted by the press materials, everything combines to enhance heat flow by up to “500%” for peak efficiency. Finally, you also add a few drops of your favorite essential oils to distribute a delightful aroma along with the warmth. Egloo states the Tornado can be used outdoors as well for cookouts and socializing.

Images courtesy of Egloo