How we present ourselves to others gives them an idea of our personality. Hence, grooming and style are essential if we want to make a good first impression. To do so requires some tools such as a razor, facial care products, hair care products, perfume, and a stylish wardrobe. Meanwhile, a Taiwanese designer came up with a concept called the Steamur which can also come in handy.

When at home, keeping our clothes wrinkle-free and fresh is virtually effortless with a modern laundry machine and dryer. However, traveling makes it a challenge especially when the items in your luggage shuffle around during transport. Although some hotels provide laundry services, it’s better to do it yourself to cut costs.

However, if where you’re staying is nowhere near a laundry shop, a flatiron would do if there’s one in your room. As such Shelly Tsai came up with an idea for a portable alternative solution that can easily fit inside a carry-on or backpack. The Steamur looks like a futuristic appliance with its curves and ergonomic grip.

Her proposed gadget purportedly addresses some of the issues people face with traditional flatirons and steam-hanging irons. The former can easily damage delicate fabrics, while the latter cannot reliably remove the creases even after several uns. The Steamur, on the other hand, uses a clever clip-on system to get the job done.

It features a reversible ceramic ironing panel/vapor outlet which swivels via a special hinge. A transparent water reservoir makes it easy to check if it needs a refill. With a pull of the grip, the Steamur activates, and then you just need to slide it across your clothes. The heat also destroys viruses and bacteria to disinfect your garments. Finally. it comes with a sleek charging cradle with a USB-C port.

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Images courtesy of Shelly Tsai/Behance