We used to think that gaming or office chairs were overrated. Why spend that much on a piece of fancy furniture, when something basic does the same thing, right? Surprisingly, we found out what years of poor posture and lack of ergonomic support can do to the body. SIHOO recently dropped the Doro S100 and might be the best bang for your buck.

Fabric, wood, metal, and foam were the go-to materials for office chairs in general back in the day. Although many found them comfortable, prolonged sitting eventually took its toll. Reports of joint pain, muscle soreness, and fatigue greatly affected productivity. If you experience these, it’s might be a good time to upgrade.

SIHOO markets the Doro S as an “ergonomic office chair with dual dynamic lumbar support.” Unlike other brands that go overboard with color options, this model is only available in black or white. Given our differences in physique, the Doro S100’s adjustable components ensure users can customize their seats accordingly.

Four omnidirectional springs are attached to the lower section of the frame. These are connected to the two large independent sections, which allow them to flex and support various body types. Minimize neck strain as the upper section of the backrest can be lifted and lowered in five different positions.

Therefore, the headrest can properly cradle the curvature of the neck. Meanwhile, the articulating armrests can move up, down, forward, back, and swivel inward or outward. High-quality elastic mesh contours dynamically and provides superior ventilation. Lean back to relax as the Doro S100 can recline up to 135 degrees.

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Images courtesy of SIHOO