GoodLiving’s Luxe Pro Laundry Rack serves more than just a place to hang and dry your laundry when space is a luxury for you. It also packs other great features like UV and LED lights, and more, hence it’s dubbed “world’s most advanced laundry rack.”

This doesn’t take up a lot of space on the ceiling and doesn’t block doors or windows at merely 4″ thick. It has built-in anti-collision sensors that automatically stop the poles upon obstacle detection when lowering down. There are four poles extendable up to 86″ (measuring 55″ when not extended), making it ideal for yard area with cabinets or for smaller balconies.

The remote-controlled feature is an added convenience so you don’t have to pull it down or push it back up each time. GoodLiving’s Luxe Pro Laundry Rack is built with the latest 2nd Gen DC motors, which are much quieter (<50dB), faster, and also energy efficient. The motor brings the rack down and back up smoothly and steadily through the support of a strong frame and wire rope.

Plus, this rack boasts strong and durable aluminum alloy construction to ensure it can withstand a load up 40kg during lifting (120kg when stationary), while a three-layer protective coating prevents rust and fading. Other notable features include UV lights and LED lights, both come with motion sensors so they turn on or off when it detects human movements.

The built-in LED lights have an adjustable brightness between 3-20W, while the UV effectively kills germs and bacteria and automatically deactivates after 30 minutes of use. GoodLiving’s Luxe Pro Laundry Rack even lets you choose between hot air or fan drying.

The four-fan system dries laundry 4x faster by directing air ventilation at a 60-degree angle. Meanwhile, dual heaters at an average temperature of 50 degrees each outlet allow moisture to evaporate faster. This feature automatically shuts-off after 120 minutes to conserve power.

Moreover, GoodLiving’s Luxe Pro Laundry Rack allows remote access through its accompanying smartphone app. It also has display indicators to let you know which feature is activated. 

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Images courtesy of GoodLiving