Are you finally starting a whiskey collection? If so, make sure to check some handy tips from experts to narrow down which labels and releases are worth the hunt. While that’s underway, why not check out collaborative blends like The Glenturret x Jaguar aptly named Jaguar C-Type? This is a highly limited production run with a fascinating story behind it.

It’s easy to figure out if someone is a hardcore whiskey aficionado when they share some interesting insights about the spirit they serve. We find it worth our time to listen and learn more about how the expression came to be. This partnership is hardly the first of its kind as automotive-inspired drops have been quite popular for some time now.

However, The Glenturret x Jaguar venture appears to be in reverence of a legendary machine in the world of motorsport. As the name tells us, the Jaguar C-Type is considered one of the most sought-after sports cars. Original examples in working order can fetch insane prices at auctions. Perhaps the same could be said about these exclusive bottles of the finest single-malt Scotch whiskey.

With a minimum age statement of 32 years, the liquid stored in these decanters was sourced from five casks. Four were purportedly Oloroso sherry-seasoned European oak hogshead casks and one Pedro Ximenez sherry-seasoned American oak hogshead barrel. According to the product page, the combination imparts essences of rich fruit, aromatic spices, sweet vanilla, and light oak.

Whiskey maker Bob Dalgarno describes the tasting notes as “Sweet ginger with cinnamon. Hints of treacle, sultanas, ripening apple with vanilla and subtle oak. Wood spices open followed by sticky ginger cake, dates and raisins. Light traces of liquorice in the background, heavier sweet aromatic notes emerge later. Medium to long finish. Sweet, fruity and aromatic encased in soft maturing oak.” The Jaguar C-Type is limited to 220 bottles only.

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Images courtesy of The Glenturret/Jaguar