Here we are once more to figure out if age statements really matter when it comes to spirits like whiskey. Despite the consensus among experts that longer maturation equates to quality, others argue otherwise. Still, reputation is a factor to consider when it comes to premium blends. Take for example the Prowess from The Glentrurret.

Recognized as “Scotland’s oldest working distillery,” it should tell you a thing or two about its operation. Established in 1763 and still in business to this day says a lot about what drinkers can expect from its latest expression. This new addition comes in a beautiful decanter.

After operating for several centuries, ownership of the distillery finally changed hands in 2019. The Glenturret is now under the banner of French wine group Art & Terroir, which also owns Lalique. The latter produces luxurious crystal decorative products including the bottle for the Prowess.

“For this decanter, I took inspiration from the emotive iconography of trophies, which celebrate success and prowess in a given field of pursuit,” states the crystal house’s creative director Marc Larminaux regarding the Prowess. This 33-year-old single malt is the sequel to the Provenance and is part of the Trinity Series.

As such, availability is another aspect interested parties should look into given only 320 decanters are on offer. There are no allocations for liquor distributors, but you can order it directly from The Glenturret. Even at $14,000 each, whiskey aficionados should not hesitate to acquire this for their collection.

“Wood spices, aromatics and oranges provide the background, a thread of soft liquorice runs throughout; raisins, chocolate and hints of crème brulee add to the narrative. Ginger, rich fruit, vanilla and notes of clean oak deliver the finale,” shares master blender Bob Dalgarno about the Prowess’ tasting notes.

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Images courtesy of The Glenturret