When it comes to marketing the finest spirits, its not all about taste. We agree that how a particular drink goes down matters to those with particular palates. Yet, after seeing some recent examples from Hennessey and Woodford Reserve, we’re hoping there’s more. By sheer coincidence and to our delight, The Glenrothes is ready to impress those who crave the best. The 50 – as the name suggests – is scotch distillery’s extra exclusive release from a 50-year-old batch.

We find that the name is appropriate given the vintage its brings to the table. To mark the special occasion since the casks were filled in 1968, The Glenrothes presents a highly collectable release. To mark the number of years this blend has under its belt. Therefore, only 50 lucky buyers will get to own and taste what this single malt whisky offers.

The Glenrothes Master Whisky Maker Laura Rampling notes: “This 50-year-old single malt is a dramatic blend of aromas with layers of complexity only a whisky of this age can deliver—truly luxurious, dark and fragrant.” Meanwhile, brand director Kerr Arthur adds in a press release: “As our oldest ever release, this 50-year-old is a salute to the loyalty and craft of our distillery team, several of whom have over 40 years’ service.”

Of course, to show us how precious it is, the 50 comes in a stunning crystal decanter. Each of these will tout numbers to remind owners of its exclusivity. Even the way its stunning container opens is a visual treat. Those who want one should be ready to part with $35,000, which they gladly will. Furthermore, this earns them an invite to visit The Glenrothes Highland Estate and Distillery to meet with the team behind the scotch.

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Images courtesy of The Glenrothes