Just like cryptocurrency, almost everyone wants to get into NFTs. After a surge of interest in the past few years, it appears the tech industry is no longer that crazy about them. Nevertheless, it’s not stopping companies from integrating them into gimmicks. To our surprise, The Glenrothes is marketing an exclusive release of its 1978 Single Cask with an interactive non-fungible token.

The 36-year-old scotch is already a highly sought-after blend not many can sample due to its prohibitive price point. A chance to obtain one 1978 Single Cask is what all enthusiasts want in the first place. So, the NFT is technically a welcome bonus.

Only 168 bottles are available for purchase, and these won’t stay available for long. This single malt is an outstanding creation by the Speyside distillery’s master whiskey maker. The contents of each 750 ml bottle were patiently aged in a refill hogshead cask that previously held sherry.

After a little over three decades, the spirit made its way into its current vessel on January 26, 2015. If you’re wondering, the 1978 Single Cask flaunts a golden hue with aromas of sweet ground ginger, fresh almonds, rose oil, candied peel, and ripe peaches. Tastes of sweet vanilla, spice, tropical fruit, and orange zest are present. Finally, the finish is fruity and sweet with a lingering fragrance.

For this special batch, The Glenrothes is collaborating with Maddie Dai – an illustrator for the New Yorker. Each 1978 Single Cask arrives in a stylish wooden box with a unique outer packaging that showcases her artwork. As for the NFT, it is on the Solana blockchain to ensure safety. Owners can use this to attend curated real-world experiences in various countries.

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1978 Single Cask Artwork

Images courtesy of The Glenrothes