Packed with cutting-edge technologies and boasting unparalleled luxury, the new Embraer Legacy 450 Jet is the undisputed leader of its category. It is a mid-light corporate jet meant to reinvent the flight experience for both passengers and pilots.

For this outstanding aircraft, Embraer started the project from scratch, not basing it on a previous model, but designing a completely new one. It sets a new standard for mid-light jets, starting with the highly advanced cockpit, which is essentially a dream workplace for any pilot. The Legacy 450 is the first in its class to completely ditch conventional controls and swap them for full digital ones (fly-by-wire technology).

Luxury Embraer Legacy 450 Jet The Embraer Legacy 450 Jet Cockpit

This reduces the pilot’s workload while allowing for ultra-smooth flights. Pilot fatigue is also reduced by introducing improved ergonomics, as well as a “dark-and-quiet” flight deck design, with large and well organized displays which help guide the eye in a natural way.

As far as passengers are concerned, they too get to be pampered with new world-class features. First of all, the jet boasts the largest cabin in its class, measuring 6 feet in height and 24 feet in length. Two center club seats can be completely reclined for perfectly comfortable snoozes, while the other seats provide smooth lateral and forward movement. Optional heating and massage features are also available.

Aside from its nine passengers, the jet can also carry a lot of luggage. With both internal and external storage spaces (150 cubic feet in total), it is the most generous of its kind, ensuring enough room for both luggage and extra items like golf clubs, skis, and more.

The list of amenities continues with a list of luxury options, such as a Nespresso machine, a microwave oven, a wet galley (the only mid-light jet to feature that), Apple TV, surround audio, Wi-Fi connection, and 3.1 Mbps high-speed data. Not only is the Legacy 450 going to take you places at unparalleled speeds (Mach 0.83), but it will do so with panache.

Luxury Interior Embraer Legacy 450 Jet The Embraer Legacy 450 Jet Phone Charger