If like us you need a break from all the cool and sleek designs that seem to dominate the sustainable mobility scene, then here’s something whimsical yet fascinating to check out. This is the aptly named Eco-Runner XIII and the team behind the project plan to establish a new milestone this 2023.

Keep in mind that despite the odd outline of this single-seater, it can easily outlast any commercial EV when it comes to range. The problem with battery-electric systems is how manufacturers can strike the ideal balance between weight savings and mileage. However, there are alternative sources of energy available.

Hence, the Eco-Runner Team Delft equips its platform with a hydrogen-electric setup instead. The Eco-Runner XIII is another upgrade engineered to attempt a 1,277-mile run without refueling. Hence, several factors come into play to achieve this lofty goal. Carbon fiber becomes the material of choice here.

The composite replaces most of the metal parts to ensure durability is never compromised. Laugh all you want, but the unconventional shape of the Eco-Runner XIII aids ergonomics. It allows the driver to sit up and view their surroundings through the three transparent portals. Acrylic is likely used here instead of glass to avoid unnecessary load.

According to the Eco-Runner Team Delft, “to minimize these energy losses, we designed and developed our new, custom-made electrical motor with an increased efficiency, and we optimized our powertrain system with a brand new fuel cell, tuned to our needs.” No need to wait long as the Eco-Runner XIII prepares for this endeavor slated to happen this June.

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Images courtesy of Eco-Runner Team Delft