The Dark Knight’s Batpod 1
The Batman franchises in television and the movies have been the source of some of the greatest vehicular memorabilia to ever cross an auction block. On September 27th of this year, UK-based Prop Store is offering the monster fat-tired motorcycle the Caped Crusader was riding to deliver justice in “The Dark Knight” and “The Dark Knight Rises,” the Hero Batpod Vehicle ($Auction).

Of the several Batpods used in the movies, this is the “Hero” iteration that was used for close-up shots. Conceived by Nathan Crowley and built by Special effects supervisor Chris Corbould, this custom-made chassis carries fiberglass body panels, 31 inch Hoosier racing tires and is powered by a Honda 750cc engine.

The only possible downsides to this super cool ride are the projected selling spread estimated at between US $80K – $106K and that the bike is being sold without battery, fuel tank, or throttle. Still, once you have it in your Batcave, these small considerations should be quickly dealt with to get you back up to speed and prowling the night.

The Dark Knight’s Batpod 2

The Dark Knight’s Batpod 3

The Dark Knight’s Batpod 4

The Dark Knight’s Batpod 5