The Curve Appeal is the world’s first freeform 3D printed house designed by WATG Chicago’s Urban Architecture Studio. This house redefines traditional architectural aesthetics and gives a glimpse at the buildings of the future.

Its concept takes into consideration several factors including construction, ergonomics, building systems, and house structure from the ground up. The design, which won first place in the Freeform Home Design Challenge commissioned by Tennessee’s Branch Technology, includes all aspects of a house: material applications, mechanical, electrical needs, plumbing, and lighting requirements. Its construction utilizes a mix of carbon fiber and ABS plastic to create a lightweight curve, while foam and concrete make the structure strong and insulating.

Meanwhile, twenty-eight 3D-printed panels formed into sections and joined together create the final shape of the home. This home includes a living room, kitchen, one bedroom, and a bath in a 600-800 square foot floor area.

The Curve Appeal has a unique structure that incorporates the elements of nature. The passive solar design of the interior results in an open and light-filled living space that not only protects the occupants, but it also connects them to their natural surroundings. The interior archways support the exterior skin and replace traditional walls and ceiling.

Meanwhile, the exterior mimics a natural rock formation with the use of smooth concrete to form archways. The overall result gives the house an organic feel that blends into the landscape.

The Curve Appeal

Photos Courtesy Of WATG