Like it or not, Canon’s still very much in the game, despite the fact that film format’s heydays are long gone. To keep a firm foothold in the modern market, the company has introduced the Canon Ivy Rec. It’s a $130 action camera with waterproofing, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi — basically all the typical adventure-proof stuff found on cameras in its category.

The portable shooter, out Oct. 16, started life as an Indiegogo project back in July. The main appeal here, compared to other action cameras, is that it’s got a clippable carabiner clip, perfect if your clumsy but also can’t be bothered with fishing it out of your bag each time you want a shot. Don’t worry if it falls — the Canon Ivy Rec is also shockproof.

We can’t determine if the Canon Ivy Rec takes good shots, though, but the specs sheet portend good things. It boasts a 13-megapixel ⅓-inch CMOS sensor in a fixed-focus lens, which sounds okay, but the lack of autofocus may irk some people. It shoots in 4:3 or 1:1 aspect ratio. For video, it takes 1080p footage up to 60fps in 16:9, though each recording has a 10-minute limit.

As mentioned, the Canon Ivy Rec features Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, which allows you to send photos or videos to a smartphone via Canon’s Mini Cam companion app. If you prefer it old-fashioned, the device saves content onto a microSD card, which you can connect to a computer to offload your shots. The camera comes with a 660mAh battery, and whether or not this is enough has yet to be tested.


Photos courtesy of Canon