A top-quality backpack is an essential accessory when it comes to travel. Whether you’re off to a weekend getaway, to work, to a hike, or to the gym, then durability and functionality are a must. California-based independent design studio Black Ember, knows the importance of having a versatile and tough pack that offers more than it looks. They are masters when it comes to designing minimalist yet fully-functional backpacks for the active lifestyle. Their new collection, the Black Ember Shadow, can withstand the harshest of wet conditions and stay robust under pressure.

The urban jungle can be a dangerous place to be in—you just never know what challenges await you. Whether these are from prying eyes or sticky fingers, you can only do so much in protecting yourself and your gear. But when it comes to unpredicted weather conditions, you can bet that the Black Ember Shadow will safeguard everything you’ve got in your backpack.

Waterproof and Robust Construction

Science and technology merged to create a pack that not only guarantees longevity but also great appeal. The Black Ember Shadow only uses fine textiles to ensure pristine, tough, and waterproof construction.

Heavy downpours and water splashes are a no-brainer for this pack thanks to its special construction. It is laser cut from Black Ember’s proprietary, high-performance Microhex HTX textile, a three-layer nylon cross-weave that boasts IP-X6 waterproof performance. Top this off with YKK Aquaguard zippers with their polyurethane laminate and you have water merely gliding off like beads before it can even seep through the fabric shell.

Not only does the Black Ember Shadow keep your gear dry it also keeps them snug and safe inside no matter your movements. It is also abrasion-resistant. The seams are machine-stitched and high-pressure bonded using the studio’s BOND-STITCH tech for extreme durability and added water protection.

Plus, 200 Denier ripstop lining enhances the shell strength, and anodized, laser-etched T6 aluminum tension hooks ensure carrying straps remain secured while on the go. Hypalon zipper pulls that lock together with a snap also prevents accidental slips and unwanted access from idle hands.

All-day on-the-go comfort



The Black Ember Shadow is not your run-off-the-mill backpack that’s all frills and no thrills. It is a delight to tout around not only for its construction and aesthetics but for its comfort. It features a back panel that independently flexes to fit with the shape of your back. Perforated EVA panels also offer room for breathability.

Meanwhile, removable magnetic sternum and compression straps ensure a balanced weight distribution and add back and shoulder support. The shoulder straps cleverly tuck away behind butterfly back panels and together with the side handle, they easily convert the pack into a briefcase. The addition of a language strap makes this backpack a good travel companion with your suitcase.

Smart and Spacious Organization

A good storage capacity with convenience in access is also a prerequisite when it comes to choosing a fully-functional backpack. The Black Ember Shadow exceeds expectations as it does not only come in a 26 or 22-liter storage. It also has dedicated quick-access pockets for on-the-go convenience. It seems like the company has thought of everything.

The main compartment zips open clamshell-style to reveal a foam-padded base and two suspended sleeves on one side to store a laptop and a tablet. The opposite side has a couple of meshed pockets, one for a water bottle and the other for other essentials.

There is even a tech kit held by a magnetic closure that flicks open with ease. Unbuckle the kit and you have full access to six pockets to keep things organized.

Meanwhile, the exterior zippered compartment has quick-access micro-organization on point. It has magnetic hardware for your keys and divided pockets to store pens, a mobile phone, and more.


The Black Ember Shadow boasts superior protection that makes it almost indestructible. It even has the timeless appeal to boot. Its minimalist yet modern design is stylish. Coupled with its smart organization, this backpack easily lets you go from work to play (or vice versa) in seconds.

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