The Beach Bubble Tent in the Maldives is the epitome of glamping in style and sophistication. It lets you live your fantasy of sleeping under the stars. It lets you sleep near the ocean without having to worry about insects crawling your body.

This unique accommodation sits within its own private spot at the famed Fish & Crab Shack sandbank in the Maldivian island of Finolhu. It lays perched on a secluded spot along the island’s famous 1.5km sandpit. It is away from the happenings at 1 Oak Beach Club and a good distance from the villas.

Suffice to say that the Beach Bubble Tent is the ideal place for couples to have their own private moment under the stars. It’s a great escapade with the company of the flora and fauna of the great outdoors. Finolhu called this the “Dream Eclipse” experience, an exclusively one-night-only accommodation from 7 pm to 9 am.

It uses high tech polyester fabric and the worldwide-patented Precontraint Serge Ferrari technology, which makes it lightweight and super-strong. It is also UV-protected, waterproof, and climate-controlled. Its interior boasts wooden floors and bedroom furnishing. It has a separate adjoining bubble bathroom with shower and WC.

A stay at the Beach Bubble Tent costs a hefty $600 per couple inclusive of a private Beach BBQ and breakfast by the waters.

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Photo Courtesy of Beach Bubble Tent