With new studies constantly emerging and bringing new evidence of why sitting at a desk for many hours every day is very bad for us, our interest in alternative desk options is growing permanently. Standing desks have been around for quite a while now, but the truth is standing for hours at a time can be extremely tiresome and can even affect productivity after a while.

The new Altwork Station, however, challenges us to ditch the old work desk habits and replace them with a series of new options: sit, stand, or lay back while doing your work in absolute comfort. You can seamlessly switch between positions, and the station will always perfectly adapt to your needs, making sure you are well supported.

Sitting hurts your back? Switch to standing mode for a while. Are your feet getting a little tired? Try laying back, while your mouse, keyboard, and other accessories follow your position naturally and stay magnetically fixed to the work surface. The screen is securely fit onto a metal arm, which keeps it an optimal distance from your eyes.

The Altwork Station

The project required five years of planning, development and testing, and approximately $1 million of investment. For the first time ever, you become the real master of your work environment, prompting everything else to adapt to your specific needs.

Everything is adjustable for a well-tailored experience, which makes the Altwork Station the ideal desk for anyone who needs to spend over 4 hours daily in front of a computer. And for anyone who can afford to spend $5,900 on it.

The Altwork Station The Ideal Desk