As technology progresses, the world in turn suffers. Thus, businesses look into sustainable methods to address both consumer needs while safeguarding Mother Nature. Parley for the Oceans has been at the forefront of such goa. Once again, the group partners with Adidas to create the Adidas 4D Parley Shoes.

These running shoes boast elegance and functionality at a cost that does good for the environment. The upper comprises of knitted yarn spun from recycled plastic waste and adorned with Parley blue stitching. The innovative jet black 4D midsole is a lattice framework precisely tuned to deliver controlled energy return with every stride.

The Adidas 4D Parley Shoes combines the brand’s famous Ultra Boost and 4D tech into one hybrid edition to celebrates Adidas’ 5-year- partnership with Parley for the Oceans. As such, this pair features Parley Ocean Plastic, those retrieved from remote islands, beaches, coastal communities, and shorelines and recycled for good use instead of polluting the seas and oceans.

These pair of shoes features a lace closure and a stretch web Continental rubber outsole. It has a textile lining and comes at a regular fit. It is responsive so it syncs with your movement for comfortable wear. Moreover, it is light on the feet at just 268 grams.

The Adidas 4D Parley Shoes feels great as it looks attractive from the outside. The blue stitches signify Parley for the Ocean’s love and respect for the earth’s largest body of water. The stitches are designed in a way that they represent the waves of the ocean.

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Images courtesy of Adidas