Norwegian architectural and design firm, Snøhetta, has just completed the picturesque 7th Room Treehotel ($1,340/night) in northern Sweden. While modeled on a traditional Nordic cabin, the 7th Room is anything but since it is nestled 30 ft up among the tops of the surrounding pine trees.

Access is via a stairway that rises slowly from the snow-covered ground and provides time to adjust to the elevated view. The wooden facade of the cabin is done in charred pine boards for ease of maintenance, and to blend into the trees.

Inside the 180 square foot dwelling are two bedrooms and a communal lounge for socializing (the mini hotel sleeps up to 5 people). One of the greatest delights is the double-netted terrace that extends from the lounge. The pine tree that grows up through it is an integral part of the fun as it can be climbed in or you can lay directly on the netting and enjoy the views both below and above.

Floor-to-ceiling glass affords exquisite views of the forest, Lute River in the distance, or at night, the aurora borealis. It may be remote and take some effort to reach but the 7th Room promises to be well worth the trip. [via]