We were going to tell you that you smell good, but you’re not wearing any of the best colognes for men – yet. Smelling good as a man goes a long way. It makes us much more attractive, seem more mature and will leave a lasting, lingering mark on those we meet on a daily basis. Not to mention, everyone loves somebody who smells great.

We have devised a great list of the best colognes for men to help you smell great or help your partner smell great if you’re here shopping for a present for your other half. Pleasant smells to those around us have been a proven way (by science) to evoke many good memories, uplifting emotions and evoke positivity in those around us.

Smelling good is also a great way to help yourself feel more confident. Whether it’s a quick blast in the morning before work to ensure you smell amazing throughout the day, or a luxurious scent for a night out to help attract that lucky lady, a great smelling cologne goes a long way.

Maybe you’re looking for an irresistible, lingering new cologne for 2024, to help have you smelling sexy, fresh, and desirable. Smelling good is an excellent form of self-care. If you know you smell good, then you’re going to feel like a boss. You don’t have to worry about smelling sweaty or musky when it’s overpowered by a solid cologne.

Not to mention, that scent can help to give those around us as well as ourselves a much-needed pick-me-up. In turn, this will make us feel much better about ourselves, giving us feelings of confidence and a can-do attitude. Plus, you can come across much more mature and wealthier, subconsciously of course.

When you feel confident, you are more ready to face all of the daily challenges ahead of us. You never know what’s just around the corner, perhaps a new opportunity? It certainly helps to be remembered and stand out if you smell amazing, whether that’s in the business world or in the club after work.

Ultimately, smelling good is feeling good. However, there are so many colognes out there it can be hard to know where to start if you don’t already own some. There is a huge range of scents which are all great for different things. It is worth having a few to choose from so that you can pair your scent to your day or activity.

You don’t want something too overpowering for your day-to-day life for example, but something subtle goes a long way. Save the strong stuff for a nightclub, where people are less likely to be able to smell underwhelming colognes.

Picking a scent can be difficult, but this will ultimately come down to what you like and what kind of scent you want to give off. If you’re sitting there thinking colognes aren’t manly then boy have we got news for you. Smelling great rocks. But if you’re embarrassed to wear cologne, you can get some nice subtle musky smelling scents that won’t affect anyone’s opinion of your masculinity.

As for the rest of us who don’t care what others think and just want to smell great, the key is to keep an open mind. This will be a bit of a trial and error until you find something that you like and that others respond well to.

Finding the best cologne for men isn’t easy, but when you find one that works for you, in that you love it and everyone else responds well to it, it makes life just that little bit more pleasurable.

Who doesn’t like smelling good?

If you already use aftershave great, you can never have too many. If you don’t use aftershave, you should. We’re going to talk you through some of the best colognes for men in this article. Why not pick a few out and try them for yourself? We’re sure our list will hold up.

Perfectly Perfumed Picks

There are hundreds of different colognes for men, but best colognes for men are not so easy to find. That’s why we’ve created this list. Think of it as a cheat sheet to smelling like a million bucks. It’s super easy and low effort to smell great.

Pine, orange, lavender and more – there are so many aromatic scents that can help you become a more confident, better version of yourself. So, without any further ramblings, and in no order, please enjoy our list of the best colognes for men.

1. Tom Ford’s Tobacco Oud Perfume for Men

Price: $294
Notable Notes: cedar, sandalwood, tobacco
Best For: formal occasions

Now, we thought it would be great to start this off with a real masculine scented cologne. Plus, it’s got tobacco in the name so it must be perfect for gentlemen, right? Thankfully, this one doesn’t smell like an ashtray.

This is a very overpowering scented cologne and gives off a rather lingering spicy scent. Probably not best for your everyday wear as its pretty strong, but rather better suited to places like nightclubs or the bar or even outdoor events. It has a rough duration of between 8-12 hours, so you definitely get your money worth considering the price tag.

With hints of cedar and sandalwood, this beautiful smelling cologne is easily one of the best colognes for men if you’re seeking to attract attention.

2. Mr Burberry by Burberry

Price: $60
Notable Notes: lavender, cedar, grapefruit, nutmeg, amber wood
Best For: everyday wear

This is the perfect example of a timeless classic. Mr Burberry is one of the best colognes for men as it is brilliant for everyday wear. Perfect for almost any occasion and very reasonably priced. Lasting up to 8 hours it is definitely great value for money.

With beautiful aromatic scents of wood and fruit, this lighthearted cologne is subtle but sweet and is sure to draw in attention. Smell fresh and sexy as you grace the noses of the public with this well packaged and elegantly blended cologne.

3. Creed Aventus

Price: $400/100ml
Notable Notes: apple, blackcurrant, pink berries, musk
Best For: Diner Dates, The Office, Nightclubs and Events

If you’re looking for a cologne that lets people know you’re the boss, then this is the one for you. Aventus by Creed is easily one of the best colognes for men on the market. With a scent that screams power, strength and sophistication, you can be ready for just about any opportunity. The 250th anniversary special is well and truly worth the expensive price tag if you can find a bottle on the market.

A fragrance rich in fruity tones, this aromatic scent is intrusive in the best kind of way. This could very well be an easy go to scent for any occasion you might find yourself in. Unfortunately, supply is limited, and it can’t just be purchased anywhere, so you may have to track down a team of private investigators to get your hands on some. Rare ingredients are used from around the world to bring this cologne to life, which explains the high cost. At least is lasts up to 8 hours, so it is good value.

4. Eros By Versace

Price: $85
Notable Notes: lemon zest, tonka beans and green apple
Best For: office wear, dinner dates

Versace is well known for its high fashion, that’s why Eros symbolizes elegance and luxury. This beautiful aromatic scent combines wonderful smells of lemon, apple and wood into a lovely fruit smelling cologne, easily making it not only one of the best colognes for men but a true example of sophistication, imbuing its wearer, wrapping them in lust and alluring energy. 

Not only that, but with lasting up to 12 hours and being under $100, this is one piece of Versace that is an absolute bang for your buck. A much lighter scent than most other colognes, this is definitely the subtle kick to your office day that you and every one of your work colleagues needs.

5. Bleu de Chanel

Price: $140
Notable Notes: cedarwood, amber, mint
Best For: office wear, dinner dates, events

A top seller of the French Fashion Overlords Chanel. It’s easy to see why though, it smells great. Elegance and sophistication all together as one package in this cool looking little blue bottle. Smell fresh and easy with beautiful notes of mint and cedarwood, a real minimalistic tribute to how less is always more. This distinctive scent is sure to fetch compliments left, right and center.

A cheap way to instantly increase your sex appeal. This is one of the best colognes for men to wear for almost every occasion, and it will make you stand out at work. Regardless of whether it’s nighttime or daytime, Bleu de Chanel can be worn as a versatile cologne that you can feel confident in owning.

6. Intense Oud by Gucci

Price: $200
Notable Notes: olibanum, leather, wood
Best For: diner dates, nightclubs and events

This aromatic Gucci fan favorite is a versatile fragrance that can be worn with confidence when you’re out and about. You can be sure you stand out from the crowd with this one. Attractive and seductive are just a few of the vibes this awesome cologne gives off.

With the musky scent of things like leather and wood, you can feel the manliness pulse through your veins. Sex appeal is a given with this cologne, which is why it is one of the best colognes for men by a long shot.

7. Homme by Dior

Price: $110
Notable Notes: musky, woody
Best For: everyday wear

Chances are you have probably had your nose graced by this awesome fragrance. Brilliant for everyday wear and a popular choice for many men. Dior does have more than one fragrance named Homme but the 2020 one is the much better smelling of the two. An easy on the nose crowd pleaser this masculine scent displays aromatic wood and musky fragrances.

We recommend this if you’re stuck for a cologne to buy, you really just can’t go wrong with this classic staple, a must-have in your self-care stash.

8. Misfit by Arquiste

Price: $200
Notable Notes: frankincense, nanban
Best For: autumn, dinner dates, nightclubs and events

A broody, omnipresent scent, Misfit by Arquiste is a real masculine cologne, with aromatic fragrances of Frankincense and Nandan, this spicy sex juice is great for leaving a lasting, powerful impression. Enough to make the whole room lust after you. A dark and mysterious fragrance, perfect for those chilly autumn activities.

Completely worthy as one of the best colognes for men, this fragrance is brilliant for feeling confident and ready for the day. An excellent dinner scent, not too strong but equally not too weak, a great middle-ground is the least we could call this versatile scent.

9. Imagination by Louis Vuitton

Price: $300
Notable Notes: ginger, citrus, chinese black tea
Best For: everyday wear

This fragrance reeks of a high luxury lifestyle. If you want to portray strong attributes of success, then you’ll want to pick this up, provided you can afford the $300 price tag. Louis Vuitton has released a number of different colognes, but Immagine is certainly our favorite.

$300 is a small price to pay to smell like an absolute king. With awesome aromatic scents of things like Chinese Black Tea and citrus, this is not too overpowering but just enough to make people notice you. A subtle way to flex success. This Cologne is one of the best colognes for men because it combines elegance with sophistication into a bottle of high class.

10. Krigler’s Sylt Style

Price: $560
Notable Notes: moss, almond, vanilla, pink pepper
Best For: nightclubs & events

This top of the range fragrance is a high concentrate cologne. If you can handle the strength, then you can hopefully handle the price. At almost $600 it is a step entry into luxury colognes. Still, it is considered one of the best colognes for men if used sparing. If you want to scream wealthy and successful, then this is definitely the scent for you.

Brilliant for making a lasting impression and giving you a can-do attitude, mostly because you’ll need the can-do attitude to be able to go hustle for another bottle. It might require a little searching though; you won’t find this one in your everyday department store.

11. Musgo Real Classic Scent by Claus Porto

Price: $75
Notable Notes: vanilla, sandalwood, patchouli
Best For: everyday wear

Fresh and clean, this cologne will have you smelling ready for the day. You want to let people know you’re all about taking care of yourself. A breath of fresh air as you walk by people around you will have them throwing their compliments at you.

Ideal for application straight after the three S’s considered the holy grail of starting any day as a man. A Shower, Sh*t and a Shave. Not to mention that Claus Porto are skincare experts, so you can trust this brand if you have sensitive skin, they do make soap after all. You can confidently wear this fragrance out and about anywhere really. A must-have if you want a versatile cologne at an affordable price range.

12. Tom Ford’s Oud Wood Intense

Price: $400
Notable Notes: woods and spices
Best For: dinner dates, nights out & events

Tom Ford has undeniably released some of the best colognes for men on the market. There are whole cults that chase every drop. They just might be on to something if I’m honest though. If you can afford the price tag, this is definitely one of the nicest smelling colognes on the market. A brooding fragrance that lets people know you mean business. Even if you don’t mean business, you mean business by association.

A true alpha male cologne, sure to let everyone know of your strength and success. With musky scents of spices and wood, a great addition to any night out or to gently grace the suit you look awesome in.

13. Jimmy Choo Man

Price: $45
Notable Notes: mandarin, pink pepper, lavender
Best For: diner dates

The first fragrance Jimmy Choo launched back in 2014, Man is a timeless classic that still remains one of the best colognes for men all these years later. It’s hard to believe this fragrance is only $45, an absolute steal, especially if you’ve been debating getting your first cologne, this one is both affordable and a delight to the nostril.

The only downside is that it doesn’t last too long, merely 3 hours. We guess we can’t really complain at that price though. Those will be the best smelling three hours of your life. A popular choice among young men who want to blend into the crowd while smelling like a million bucks.

14. Tom Ford’s Black Orchid

Price: $180
Notable Notes: jasmine, cocoa, patchouli, spices
Best For: everyday wear

This one isn’t just for men, it’s a unique unisex fragrance that reeks of seductiveness. This dark and brooding cologne is easily considered one of the best colognes for men thanks to its distinctive fruity and herbal scent.

A little steep on price, but it makes up for it by adding value to your everyday life. If you’re looking for a cologne that you can confidently wear every day without fail, without getting sick of, then Black Orchid is a one-way ticket to smelling good for the rest of your life. It lasts roughly around 8 hours on a good day, so a few blasts will certainly carry you through to the end of your endeavors.

This is the perfect fragrance if you’re looking for a great all-rounder, you can wear Black Orchid to just about any occasion and feel confident that you’ll smell fantastic, plus you’ll get some compliments on this one.

15. L’Homme Prada

Price: $130
Notable Notes: musky woods
Best For: everyday wear, work

We all know Prada for high-class luxury fashion, but what about high-class luxury colognes? Well, this one won’t set you back quite as much as buying a Prada bag might do, it’s actually very affordable, smells great and can be used in a versatile manner.

A popular choice for those who enjoy a stronger smelling fragrance that doesn’t overpower. Prada has lived up to expectations with this one. Perfect for nights out to the bar or outdoor events, people will be lusting after you. If used sparingly, this is great for everyday wear too. Superb value for money if you ask us.

16. Dark Rebel Rider by John Varvatos

Price: $86
Notable Notes: vanilla, tobacco leaf, leather, sugarcane
Best For: nights out, dinner dates

If you’re looking for a dark, mysterious sort of rock star cologne, then you’ll want to check out Dark Rebel Rider by John Varvatos. If you don’t know who John is, he designs clothes with a similar vibe. He has released a number of different fragrances, but this one is definitely our favorite. Most deserving of a spot on our list of the best colognes for men.

Spraying a few blasts of Dark Rebel Rider is almost the equivalent of opening a bottle of delicious Jamaican rum, yum. You can smell like you walked straight off a pirate ship, except much cleaner and much fresher. This cologne is brilliant for nights out to the bar or dinner dates.

Getting dressed up and wearing this unique cologne will give you the confidence to commandeer any opportunities that might come your way. A great way to leave a lasting impression. You’ll get asked what you’re wearing far too many times because it smells so great.

This is one of our favorites on the list because it’s affordable, wearable smells fantastic and makes you desirable.

17. Coach for Men

Price: $80
Notable Notes: bergamot, coriander and geranium
Best For: work, meeting with friends

This is a pretty run of the mill fragrance at first glance. But if you take the time to enjoy the subtle scents of bergamot, coriander and geranium, you’ll soon realize that this cologne is a fantastic everyday scent. Not too strong which makes it perfect for everyday wear and suitable for all occasions.

At only $80 it is more than affordable and can be easily found in many department stores. A great entry level fragrance or if you’re looking for a great value scent to wear to work or out and about then we highly recommend Coach for men. Its surprisingly popular and will be a great addition to your wardrobe.

18. Hugo Boss BOSS

Price: $90
Notable Notes: apple, bergamot, cinnamon
Best For: everyday wear

Feel like a boss with this awesome fragrance from Huge Boss. Already well known for some amazing colognes, you really can’t go wrong with this fan favorite. Perfect for everyday wear with nice hints of spices like cinnamon and cardamon. This is a staple fragrance for any man’s wardrobe. You can feel prepared for just about anything while wearing Boss by Hugo Boss.

A breath of fresh air and a trusted wardrobe companion, we can safely recommend this cologne as a great, affordable entry level fragrance all for just $80.

19. Calvin Klein Eternity Summer For Men

Price: $70
Notable Notes: coconut water, sandalwood, bergamot
Best For: nights out, drinks, everyday wear

Smell like a fresh breath of warm, tropical beaches with Eternity Summer by Calvin Klein. Perfect for those warm summer evenings and an enjoyable fragrance to wear for dinner or drinks in the beautiful evening sun.

This is a great cologne if you currently don’t own any, it’s very affordable and smells wonderful. You could very easily rock this as a daily scent if you wanted to. Just because it has Summer in the name doesn’t mean you can’t wear this with confidence in winter.

20. Parfums de Marly Layton Exclusif

Price: $290
Notable Notes: amber, guaiac wood, patchouli
Best For: special occasions

This is a great scent for special occasions, given the price you probably won’t want to wear this everyday unless you can afford to. However, the sex appeal is arguably worth spending the money for. This sweet-smelling fragrance is definitely one of the best colognes for men who want to have some wow factor.

You can easily make a lasting impression smelling this amazing. Perfect if you’re going on a date or have a big night out planned. An incredible masculine quality is displayed through beautiful notes of guaiac wood and patchouli, making for a superb alpha male fragrance.

21. Chris Collins Oud Galore

Price: $225
Notable Notes: incense, spices
Best For: special occasions

If you can’t be the richest man in the room, you can certainly smell like the richest man in the room with this incredible cologne by Chris Collins. With a steep price tag, Oud Galore is worth every cent. If you want an easy way to instantly increase your sex appeal, then we highly recommend this tasteful fragrance.

Combining spices and incense, Oud Galore brings masculinity and elegance together in a sophisticated blend of aromatic notes. Perfect for special occasions or nights out, we wouldn’t recommend this for everyday wear unless you can afford the price tag.

22. Penhaligon’s Juniper Sling

Price: $165
Notable Notes: dry gin, brandy, leather, black cherry, black pepper
Best For: everyday wear, office wear, dinner dates

If you already own a few fragrances under $100, then Juniper Sling is the perfect cologne to bridge the gap between having something middle of the pack and having something rich and fancy. It can be worn all year round and combines massive notes like black cherry, leather, brandy and ever dry gin, this fragrance says it all.

A bold, desirable scent is given off which is sure to get you some attention. A masculine scent from a 1920’s London era, you won’t be disappointed in this. Smell like a gentleman. Or, if you felt like dressing up like one of the Peeky Blinders for a few days, you could really capture how they might’ve smelt.

23. Moncler Pour Homme

Price: $210
Notable Notes: cedarwood, clary sage, pine
Best For: everyday wear

If you enjoy the smell of alpine forests, then Pour Homme by Moncler is absolutely for you. Refreshing and tasteful, this well priced cologne is simple one of the best colognes for men on the market. The flask shaped bottle that this cologne comes in is a subtle salute to Moncler’s mountaineering roots, which is pretty cool as far as bottles go.

You can find beautiful notes of clary sage, pine, cedarwood and some earthy tones. Together these blend elegantly together into an enveloping scent that is sure to capture all those around you. This makes for the perfect everyday scent. A beautiful scent if you want to portray a cool, fresh approach to life.

24. Q by Saunders & Long  

Price: $200
Notable Notes: patchouli, tobacco leaves, pepper
Best For: gentlemen, men who travel a lot

This bougie fragrance envelopes masculine aromatic scents into a beautiful bottle of cologne. Perfect for on-the-go everyday wear, this fragrance is both beautiful smelling and versatile. Use sparingly as this one is quite strong, but it’s so irresistible that you’ll just want to put loads on.

Quite good value at $200 it is worth picking this one up if you like scents of tobacco leaves and woody notes. You can smell like a true gentleman wearing Q. Imagine the kind of person who sits in front of the fire with a cigar and a whiskey, that could be you, a true representation of masculinity. If you enjoy coming across as successful and like to portray an alpha aura, then Q is worth picking up.

It is worth noting that although Q comes in a 125ml bottle, it will require you to decant it into smaller 12ml glass vials. You can then place these vials into S & L’s refillable travel atomizer. So, if you like to travel, then this is great for having on the go.

25. Tom Ford Private Blend Neroli Portofino

Price: $400
Notable Notes: lemon, amber, neroli, bergamot
Best For: special occasions, events

If you like coming across as wealthy, luxurious and powerful then Tom Ford’s Private Blend Neroli Portofino is absolutely going to tick all of your boxes. Although rather expensive, this is definitely one of the best colognes for men. Capturing the essence of Italy, this fancy fragrance combines notes of Sicilian lemon, Tunisian neroli and citrus, you can expect aromatic scents of fruitiness.

Smell just like a summer day with this gem. Everything from the fragrance to the bottle has had an amazing attention to detail paid. Your hard-earned money will not be wasted on this. The perfect cologne for special occasions or fancy events, you won’t want to waste this for everyday wear. 

26. Blu Mediterraneo Mandorlo by Acqua Di Parma

Price: $165
Notable Notes: citrus, almond, fresh
Best For: everyday wear, travelling

Acqua Di Parma have been around for over 100 years, so you could say they know a little something about producing great, timeless colognes. They have perfected this fragrance and bottled it up and have decided to share it with you. If you want a scent to get you into the holiday spirit, then this is one to grab.

It lasts quite a long time too which makes it great value for money. It is not too pricey and could be a great entry level cologne or if you’re looking for something a little fancier then this is definitely worth splashing out on.

Now You Have The Cheat Codes

There’s no denying that smelling good is great. You get girls or boys checking you out wondering where that awesome smell is coming from. It’s an opportunity to get compliments. You can make all of your clothes smell amazing. You can feel confident and ready to take on the challenges of the day.

Point is, you never really know what’s around the corner. But it sure as hell helps to smell good. You wouldn’t send a soldier into battle without any weapons? No. Exactly. So why walk around doing your day-to-day tasks unarmed? Cologne is a life saver and can be used at any time throughout the day to help you feel refreshed.

You don’t even have to put much thought into it, just grab anything that smells nice and wear it. You don’t even have to care about what notes or vibes your cologne gives off, as long as you like the scent then who really cares. If it’s too strong, people will still remember you for the person who wore too much cologne, and bad press is good press am I right or am I right.



How Do I Choose The Correct Cologne For Me?

One of the biggest mistakes many men make when buying cologne is that they order it online. Whilst that is the easiest option and means it gets delivered straight to your door without having

to get off your lazy ass, it means you’re going in blind.

Compared to if you shop in store, you can normally try fragrance samples in store to see which ones you like best. Which would save you spending a fortune on a cologne that you absolutely despise how it smells. 

You can spray a test blast of fragrances onto a little blotter card to save you walking around smelling like just about every scent under the sun. It is worth noting that before pressing it straight to your nose, let the fragrance settle on the blotter for a minute, then feel free to give it a good sniff and make your judgement.

You can try as many as you like, allowing you to make the best decision on how you want to smell. In some fancier stores, this will be much more tailored to the buyer because the fragrances will ultimately be more expensive.

Alternatively, if you like the sound of anything on our list of the best colognes for men you could go hunt them down and try them out for yourself before buying.

Why Is Cologne So Damn Expensive?

Yeah, cologne is expensive. But ultimately, if a cologne has the power to bring the fresh scent of an alpine forest rolling from your neck can you really put a price on it? Scents are often associated with memories and places, so why would you not want a constant reminder of them? Especially if you’re trapped in a miserable office job.

However, to explain why cologne is often very expensive, is the fact that many of the ingredients needed to make cologne is very expensive. Take the likes of rarer herbs and spices for example, that can sometimes be hard to come by.

Not to mention the skill of a perfumer. A perfumer must train for a total of 7 years before they are deemed to be fully qualified. Then you also have the bottle, which is usually glass, and that isn’t always cheap.

We still think it’s worth it to smell great though.

How Much Cologne Should I Use?

Unfortunately, this will be entirely up to you. We recommend enough so that you are able to smell it, whilst not enough to overpower everything within a 10-mile radius. Ideally, your scent circle, which lies roughly about an arm’s length surrounding your body, so technically only people who come into said circle of scent should be able to smell you and your cologne.

Nobody wants to be that guy that wears way too much aftershave, and we all know who it is, so let’s not let you fall victim to the comments either. At the end of the day, use however much you deem necessary for that is suitable to your situation.

My Cologne Appears To Smell different Than How I Remembered It. Am I Going Crazy?

Perhaps you have bought a bottle of aftershave a few years ago and remembered it being nice, but you go to lift another bottle and when you use it, it just doesn’t quite smell the same. Thankfully for you, we can confirm you’re not going crazy, at least in terms of your nose. Ingredients will often get banned if they are classed as potential allergens.

Hence, colognes are then tweaked to a small degree so that they can still smell the same or similar. That process is called fractionation, whereby the molecule that is the allergenic is removed. This was most notably done for Oak Moss.

How Long Does A Bottle Of Cologne Last Once Opened? 

There is no denying that a bottle of cologne will not last forever. However, if stored properly you can help to preserve not only the lifespan of the cologne, but the quality too. You will want to keep your bottle of cologne away from booth heat and light, hence storing it in a drawer or a wardrobe is much better than storing it on your nightstand.

High temperatures can negatively affect the top notes of a cologne. This can lead to them smelling sour. If you want to go the extra mile, you can wrap your bottles of aftershave in cloth or plastic wrapping paper as an extra measure. It is worth noting that aftershave that has gone unopened for over 40 years should still smell great provided it is stored correctly.

Ideally just keep them out of sunlight and you should be fine. If you store correctly the bottle should last well over two years once opened. Dark glass bottles will generally store better than clear glass as the let less light into the bottle. You can of course apply as much as you like but remember that cologne has been made to be worn, so you may as well just use it until it is finished. Enjoy smelling great.

The best colognes for men will always be made to a high quality that should last you a long time. If using one spray a bottle is your thing then enjoy having your cologne for a few years. But don’t worry if you like to use more, there are plenty of colognes out there that are great value for money.


Looking Good, Smelling Great

Oh, it’s you, you’re still here. Well, while you’re at it, why not leave a comment of what scent or cologne you’re currently wearing? We’d love to hear. Did we miss any of the best colognes for men on our list? Why not let us know in the comments below?

We did our best to recommend the best colognes for men so when you get all the newfound attention, just remember who gave you all that power.