Mobile homes nowadays adapt to the needs of the modern world. They come equipped with more advanced features to make a trailer or off-grid living comfortable. The 2021 Living Vehicle CORE does just that with its premium construction and furnishings.

It has an all-aluminum shell and subfloor and marine-grade materials for superior quality. It has premium interior offerings including a spa-style bathroom, a fully-functional kitchen with a removable cooking island, and a 13 cu.ft. all-electric solar refrigerator. Optional add-ons include a stainless steel dishwasher and a three-burner oven.

The 2021 Living Vehicle CORE imitates home living. Its sleeping area has a queen-sized bed paired with a cool-touch 8-inch memory foam mattress. An LV exclusive Starview skylight and the sleeping space easily transforms into a media room with optional 70” 4K HD Private Home Theater and SONOS surround sound option.

Moreover, this mobile home has adaptable spaces to suit single or family needs. Each corner or space is not wasted so you have extra storage and lounging area. Each space is highly-functional which makes it convenient to house a max of six people. It is even pet-friendly. The interior design does not feel suffocating. Instead, it flows easily to the exterior spaces through oversized glass windows and a sliding glass door. The deck adds another relaxing element where you can lounge about and enjoy the view or do your exercises.

Best of all, the 2021 Living Vehicle CORE has a limitless supply of solar power. This makes accessing your entertainment or office needs possible even when living off-grid. It uses the PRO-EV Power add-on which comprises of a Level 2 charger with dual 8kW inverters and a 16,000-watt output. This charge can easily power up electric vehicles, cars, and motorcycles alike.

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Images courtesy of Living Vehicle