A camper van is always a good option when you want to go on a road trip for days on end. But not all vans come in the same build and for the outdoor enthusiast, one that can take the dirt road is always a better option. The Texino Switchback II, for one, blends functionality and hospitality so you can go on for miles in comfort. 

This is an upgrade of the original Switchback and comes built on a Mercedes-Benz 144″ Sprinter model. It also boasts a crash-tested L-track SmartFloor system so riders can lock in and secure any gear and go farther and faster in comfort. Speaking of comfort, this camper van offers two sleeping options in the outdoors: an electronically operated Murphy bed and an SCA  pop-top.

The Texino Switchback II can sleep up to four people and boasts modern amenities to make you feel at home.  It has an induction cooktop, a stainless steel sink and faucet, and a mini-refrigerator. There is also more than enough space to store your essentials. Moreover, it boasts a 4-zone dimmable LED light system and enough battery to power modern tools. It has 300 amp hour of Lithium battery, 230W of solar charging power, a second alternator charging system, and a shore power connector. 

An outdoor shower with a privacy curtain lets you stay fresh on the road. This van even has 25 gallons of fresh water and 22 gallons of grey water tank. Then there’s the continuous hot water system. To make it withstand the outdoors, the millwork on the Texino Switchback II comes with Fenix laminate to make the wood fingerprint and scratch-resistant. 

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Images courtesy of Texino