Despite Elon Musk’s controversial takeover of Twitter and the backlash that ensued thereafter, interest surrounding Tesla is yet to wane. The Cybertruck may have been pushed back indefinitely for now, but deliveries of the long overdue Semi have reportedly begun. Perhaps in a bid to remind consumers that it offers lifestyle products, we have the Sipping Glasses.

Discerning individuals who occasionally or regularly enjoy alcoholic drinks understand that presentation is part of the experience. As such, there is an ideal type of glassware to serve certain beverages in. Although the new Sipping Glasses are great for just about any type of liquid, it’s a perfect drinking vessel for a shot or two of Tesla Tequila.

Even after the release of its second batch, those who missed out on the Agave-based spirit’s sale are out of luck. On the other hand, the rest who snagged a bottle or two can finally pour a shot or more into something that matches the aesthetics. Due to their unique silhouette, a fancy metal stand ships along with the pair.

Upright, the Sipping Glasses’ geometric outline is that of a right triangle with the hypotenuse tapering down toward the base. Without something to lean on, these will tip over. Instead of just endowing them with a wide base for stability, Tesla is pushing for avant-garde visuals here. Therefore, make sure not to misplace the metal stand.

Each glass holds up to 1.5 ounces and stands 3.5” tall. The Tesla logo is engraved on the sides. It seems like somebody had the bright idea to just shape them like the bottom section of the Tesla Tequila’s odd yet striking lighting bolt bottle. The Sipping Glasses can be yours for $75.

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Images courtesy of Tesla