Back to the Future has a big fanbase and a big impact on pop culture. Once in a while, something cool comes up that pays a stunning homage to the trilogy that makes our jaws drop. So far, the biggest one is the real-life Nike MAG replica that was released in very limited numbers. Imagine being able to wear something straight out of a blockbuster Sci-Fi flick – a dream come true for geeks like us. Another iconic item from the films is the DMC DeLorean. Now, the archaic time machine is getting a modern makeover. Let’s give a big round of applause for the 2019 Tesla Back to the Future Roadster by Charlie Ngheim. This would be a custom Tesla Roadster that would be on every fanboy’s wishlist

This concept totally came out of nowhere and we are going crazy about it. Despite the new and sleek look, there are enough recognizable components that immediately feels familiar. We love how Ngheim chose to keep the wirings and tubings exposed as a faithful tribute to the old-school design. Look closely and you can even see the Mr. Fusion Home Energy Reactor sticking out the back.

Meanwhile, it won’t be complete without the huge afterburners at the rear. The attention to detail is impressive because a quick peek inside shows the flux capacitor is where it should be. To tie it all in, the EV flaunts a brushed silver coat of paint that emulates the look of the DMC DeLorean in the movie. The 2019 Tesla Back to the Future Roadster is easily one of our favorite concepts right now.

Check it out here

Images courtesy of Charlie Ngheim