A handy yet fully-functional balisong is a rare sight in the market these days for many reasons. It can pose a threat to the untrained user and is mostly illegal to possess in many places. However, the Terrain 365 Mini-Butterfly Böhler M390 is different. It’s a balisong that functions just like its bigger counterpart but in a slim construction.

This butterfly knife is born out of the collaboration between Terrain 365 and the CAD and engineering expertise of Darriel Caston of D Rocket Design from Folsom, California. It’s a modern balisong but one that comes in a compact and portable package.

The Terrain 365 Mini-Butterfly Böhler M390 is a pocketknife that features a 2.125-inch drop-point-style blade made from Böhler M390: a chromium stainless steel alloy that makes the blade resistant to corrosion and wear. The blade is merely 0.120 inches thick.

Meanwhile, CNC-machined TC4 titanium handles, stainless steel hardware with bronze bushings, a billet titanium pocket clip, and handle latch complete the overall rugged yet flawless look of the Terrain 365 Mini-Butterfly knife.

The knife is both functional and portable. It only weighs 1.60 ounces and measures 2.75 inches when closed. It’s at 4.87 inches when opened. It can fit in your pocket and does not take up space in your bag.

Other features of the Terrain 365 Mini-Butterfly Böhler M390 include milled handle fullers, blade fuller, and a jimping on the blades thumb ramp or spine. It also has the Terrain 365 mark, the M390 blade mark, and Darriel Caston’s Rocket Design branding on the blade.

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Images courtesy of Terrain 365