Tents are an essential camping and outdoor gear. That’s annoying because tents, more often than not, are cumbersome to set up. Even someone with heaps of patience might mutter a curse word or two due to how inefficient these things are at setup time. Thankfully, there’s TentTube.

With a similar design to the popular Heimplanet line of inflatable tents, TentTube is itself also an inflatable tent, but one that campers can pitch in just a minute. It’s on Kickstarter right now trying to gather funds, but given how things look, it’s bound to hit its targets.

It’s got a geodesic structure and a lightweight profile that amazingly requires no heavy tent poles.

“Traditional tents are hard to pack, cumbersome to carry, and difficult to set up. We set out to begin a revolution in the tent industry,” says the company behind this effort. By replacing the traditional poles with our Patented inflatable AirFrame, TentTube is 50% lighter and smaller, making it your perfect home on the go.”

A true revolution in the world of camping gear, TentTube features air-filled tubes instead of poles. As a result, it’s way, way lighter than its peers. 50 percent lighter, to be exact. And when you’re done, it folds and slips into an ultra small packing space. This is perfect for those who always travel light. Especially since they won’t be lugging any cumbersome poles along.

Inside, TenTube provides overnight shelter for a maximum of three people. Although you could technically squeeze in more if you’re creative enough. Plenty of handy stash pockets inside too, for your belongings. Really, what’s not to like here?