Finding a perfect sleeping spot when camping isn’t a problem when it comes to the Tentsile Universe Tent, a multifunctional outdoor shelter from U.K.-based outdoor innovators Tentsile. Whether on the ground, above water, or hanging from a tree, all three are possible.

It functions as your usual ground tent that you can set up on any terrain. If you’re the adventurous kind who doesn’t fear heights, then you can use it as a suspended aerial tree tent. You can even use it for recreational purposes such as a swing.

The Tentsile Universe Tent also doubles as a raft, which you can easily maneuver around on water with the use of a paddle. You can go fishing or take a nap while it floats steadily—just make sure that you have the insulated floor inflated to at least 15 psi before you set sail.

This makeshift shelter includes removable tent poles to support a bug mesh and a detachable rainfly. It offers 100 square feet of floor space and can accommodate up to five adults. It also has more than five feet of interior headspace, so you do not have to worry about hitting your head when you stand.

The Tentsile Universe Tent retails for $1,999 and if you purchase one you are already helping the environment. Tentsile plants 18 trees for every tent sold.

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Photos Courtesy Of Tentsile