A respect for and desire to live with nature is a time-honored tradition in Japan. Planet Creations Architecture Designs had this exact concept in mind for the Tenkawa Fishing Cabin that sits on the edge of a steep 55 foot incline to the Tens River in Yoshino.

Rather than build upward on the meager 65 square feet of flat terrain on the site, the architects decided to build outward. They dug six feet down to bedrock and then cantilevered the structure out over the river, thus balancing it between the earth and sky. Lowered this way it leaves the car park and lawn-covered roof to be all that shows from the road.

The structure itself is concrete with the interior featuring partitioning curtains that can provide privacy between the deck, living room, bedroom, and kitchen, or can be opened to allow the light and natural views to flow straight through the entire structure. A path leads under the cantilevered deck down to the river bank below, so you can quickly get to the important stuff, fishing.

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