It was said before that the future of warfare will be waged with advanced technology. As much as the world advocates for peace, conflicts continue in some territories. Meanwhile, the top brass in any military understand how crucial information about the enemy is to their operations. As such, stealthy surveillance drones like the Black Hornet 4 could be deployed in the future.

Developed by Teledyne FLIR, this tiny UAV packs advanced features that could give armed forces an advantage on the battlefield. So far, we’ve seen just how effective these types of machines were in a recent conflict. Its form factor resembles that of a helicopter with a main rotor and a tail rotor. 

What makes it ideal for reconnaissance is its dimensions. The Black Hornet 4 measures 10″ long with a rotor diameter of 7.5″ and only weighs 2.5 ounces. We all know flying a recreational drone can be difficult with obstacles around, which is why this tactical model is outfitted with three low-resolution cameras for collision avoidance.

Operators can easily navigate it even in tight spaces, which is a versatility most UAVs do not offer. Technical specifications likewise reveal its capability to withstand winds up to 25 knots and gusts up to 30 knots. A full charge equates to a flight time of approximately 30 minutes or more with a maximum range of at least 1.24 miles.

Furthermore, Teledyne FLIR ensures superior visibility in any condition. The nose is fitted with a 12-megapixel camera capable of low-light imaging, while a high-sensitivity thermal imaging camera guarantees any heat signature will be picked up by the Black Hornet 4. Should there be a need to illuminate an area, a white LED can be turned on remotely

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Images courtesy of Teledyne FLIR