Outdoor enthusiasts, emergency responders, and practically anyone who benefits from a sharp blade for just about anything legal should have the Tekto Gear Amber Automatic Knife in their arsenal of handheld tools. It not only looks and feels good in the hands but cuts with ease too. 

Attractive Design

The Tekto Gear Amber Automatic Knife is a double-edge, dual-action, Out The Front (OTF) dagger. The best-seller among the brand’s collection of automatic knives, it boasts a unique, old-school aesthetic thanks to a combination of wood and steel. The handle is made with hardwood accentuated with an attractive amber inlay.

Meanwhile, the blade is from stainless steel with a machined powder coat finish for added durability, strength, and corrosion resistance. The outcome also renders an attractive metal and black color scheme. It sits in good form in the hands either opened or closed. It looks menacing with the 3.75-inch blade deployed and beautiful in its masculine appeal when closed.    

Quality Performance  

The Tekto Gear Amber Automatic Knife has a nice heft to it and feels good in the hand thanks to its good blade-to-weight ratio. There is a balance of applied force from the 4.90-inch handle to the tip of the blade, thus making cutting, slicing, puncturing, and more relatively easy. The wood handle itself is smooth to the touch but provides just the right amount of secure grip.

It operates easily with a simple push forward of a button to retract the blade and a press downward to hide it. The blade tucks in neatly and safely in between the two wood handles that hold together layers of stainless steel plates. Best of all, the switch is firm and needs a decent amount of force to operate, thus preventing any unintentional deployment and ensuring safety when the knife is not in use. Meanwhile, steel hardware holds together all the components of the handle.

On the technical side, the Tekto Gear Amber Automatic Knife clocks in at 58 HRC on the Rockwell Hardness scale. This means it has good edge retention and remains sharp for a long time. Meanwhile, the use of a 440C carbon steel blade makes it easy to sharpen.

Overall Great Survival Gear 

The Tekto Gear Amber Automatic Knife is more than just a pocketknife that can cut through paper, wood, meat, and more. The addition of a glass breaker at the end of the handle makes it a great survival tool too. Plus, a handy belt clip amps up its portability on top of its lightweight design at just 192g grams.  This is one everyday carry that makes you stand out for all the right reasons. 

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