A while back, Teenage Engineering managed to grab a spot on our pages when it collaborated with Off-White for an odd yet fascinating speaker. Quirky brand name aside, the company actually has a lot to offer when it comes to the audio scene. We shine the spotlight on them once more for the TX-6 – a wickedly stylish mixer.

After their previous outing with the late Virgil Abloh’s fashion house, we shifted our focus elsewhere. It just so happens that upon a quick check on what’s the hottest tech, the TX-6 came up. Fans of clean and understated visuals will adore the minimalist profile of this gadget.

Teenage Engineering presents a compact yet powerful 6-channel stereo mixer. To give you an idea of its size, the dimensions on the TX-6 product page note it measures 3.54” x 2.44” x 0.91” which is quite handy. The workmanship and engineering here are top-notch as their custom PCB sits within a CNC aluminum case with 2K molding.

The matte finish of its surfaces looks good against the predominantly gray colorway. The layout of the sliders, knobs, and buttons all appear cohesive and easy to manipulate when in use. Aside from the premium feel of metal, the bottom section of the TX-6 sports a PU leather cover.

On the top right corner is a 64 x 48-pixel OLED display. The TX-6 packs pro-level capabilities and can function “as a multi-functional 32-bit 48kHz audio interface that has an instrument tuner, built-in digital fx, synthesizer and drum machine,” as per Teenage Engineering.

Its rechargeable battery is enough for up to 8 hours of use, while Bluetooth connectivity lets you pair with other midi devices and more. Be sure to grab some official accessories from Teenage Engineering for your TX-6.

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TX-6 Front TX-6 Rear TX-6 Sides TX-6 Connected TX-6 Mac

Images courtesy of Teenage Engineering