Do any of you recognize the brand TECNO? If not, we can’t really blame you given the sheer number of Android OEMs available these days. Sadly, some eventually fade into obscurity, while the rest eventually become mainstays in the highly competitive smartphone market. The Shenzhen, China-based group is now in a position to promote something like the Camon x Mr Doodle Edition collection.

Everybody starts at the bottom and it’s the effort to improve and perseverance that leads to success. Looking back, there have been several Android OEM ventures that ended on a somber note, but there are also those that establish a strong foothold in the scene.

It’s safe to say TECNO belongs to the latter as it regularly delivers devices that cater to various segments. The Mr Doodle Edition is exclusive to the Camon 20 Pro, Camon 20 Pro 5G, and Camon 20 Premier 5G. It’s obvious the trio are part of a series, but each brings unique specifications to the table.

However, the collaboration with British artist Sam Cox endows the rear panel of handsets with a special artwork that is revealed when the lights are out. By day, or in a brightly lit room, the back touts a dazzling geometric design. At night, it turns into a luminescent canvas with intricate images as well as the model’s name and variant.

Overall, it’s a nifty gimmick that allows users to proudly show off their smartphone’s wild side. To give the Mr Doodle Edition owners a more cohesive experience, TECNO adds a matching visual flair courtesy of the default Android skin and always-on-display theme. Even the box it comes in features Cox’s signature cosmetic style.

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Images courtesy of TECNO