Rigid-inflatable hull boats (RIB) usually fall into two categories. They are either sporty looking and fast but with little or no comfort (or storage space), or you can get the practical models with sun decks, fridges, and gadgets at the cost of sacrificing speed and style. Greek boat maker Technohull decided to change that with their Sea DNA 999 RIB ($Inquire).

At 34 feet long and 9 feet wide, the Sea DNA 999 is available in three configurations depending on your use. The Open design leaves the front section open for passenger seating and storage. The Delta bow can convert to a sunbathing deck, and the Cabin layout contains a twin bed & bathroom.

The Technohull Sea DNA 999 also provides multiple engine options. The base model is powered by a 500 horsepower engine capable of 68 knots (78 mph) while the top-end engines provide 800 horsepower with a cruising speed of 70 knots (81 mph) and a top speed of 90 (104 mph). Designed by award-winning British powerboat designer Adam Younger, the Technohull Sea DNA 999 blends the best of RIB’s into an amazing gadabout.