Just like in the good ‘ol days, vinyl is king for audiophile music lovers so the plethora of turntable options available keep topping each other for better performance. Technics is raising the bar again with a heavy-hitting piece of technology – the Reference Class SP-10R Turntable ($TBA).

Weighing in at an astounding 15+ pounds worth of die-cast aluminum, rubber, brass, and electronics know-how, the SP-10R uses a triple-layer structure to provide unparalleled stability and vibration resistance. The turntable also features a cordless direct drive motor with dual stator coils balancing the sides of the rotor. There is the obvious external power supply sitting to the side to eliminate noise pickup since it is a separate piece. The SP-10R will be available starting the Summer of 2018, so, for now, you’ll just have to stare at the pictures in awe.