Metalheads were treated to something awesome last week when Pro-Ject unveiled its Metallica Limited Edition Turntable. The flashy design appeals to folks with certain tastes, but it might not be for everyone. This is where Technics comes in with a minimalist masterpiece for your record collection. We have the SL-1000RE-S – a premium choice for audiophiles.

Despite the availability of lossless digital formats like WAV, FLAC, and AIFF, some music lovers prefer analog. Although each has its pros and cons, vinyl remains a popular medium for playback. To deliver the best listening experience, Technics engineers every aspect of the device to function perfectly.

As with any turntable from the brand, the construction and aesthetics are outstanding. So far, the only caveat we can think of aside from the cost-prohibitive $19,000 price point is the single colorway. You can only purchase the SL-1000RE-S in silver. We would have preferred a blackout option, but this version is stunning, nonetheless.

To minimize unwanted vibrations, Technics ditches the belt-drive system for a coreless direct-drive motor. The SL-1000RE-S likewise uses a heavyweight-class aluminum/brass platter which sits on a deadening rubber. 12 tungsten weights keep it stable while in motion for virtually skip-free audio playback.

Buttons on the plinth allow users to start/stop the turntable and adjust the speed. The SL-1000RE-S supports 33, 45, and 78 rpm. A magnesium S-shape tonearm is mounted to a stable base. Technics says owners can modify their turntable with additional tonearm bases which can hold short or long-type systems. Another awesome feature is the separate control unit to further suppress electronic noise.

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Images courtesy of Technics