The pen is a simple writing instrument that everyone takes for granted. You can easily grab one almost anywhere in case you need to scribble something on a piece of paper. Now, with the cutting-edge technology of mobile devices, it’s pretty much optional. Since the invention of the modern pen, even the latest offerings follow the same form factor. You have a small tube with a roller or a nib on one end. However, the cylindrical shape makes it susceptible to rolling. That’s why the TEC Accessories Ko-Axis Rail Pen hopes to address the issue with its unique design.

This is unlike conventional offerings that sometimes use plastic and flimsy metals. The Ko-Axis Rail Pen sports an all-metal construction and exudes a tactical vibe. You have a combination of different materials that provide top-tier durability. The craftsmanship is superb with its stainless steel rails, a bronze grip, and aluminum to keep its weight manageable. You’ll notice that this EDC does not come with a cap. That’s because the writing tip is retractable and relies on neodymium magnets to hold the slider in position.

Not only does the wider design keep it from rolling, but it also provides a comfortable grip for writing. Moreover, once your ink runs out, you can quickly swap it out with a standard D1 refill for convenience. Overall, the TEC Accessories Ko-Axis Rail Pen looks, functions, and feel premium. The standard model in various color to cater to your style. Additionally, if you’re willing to spend a little more, a titanium version is available. Likewise, if you desire the ultimate variant, the Timascus Edition will run you $1,295.

Images courtesy of Tec Accessories

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