Many manufacturers put their products through their paces using simulations. Not Taylor Stitch! These designers only test their upcoming releases using real world conditions before setting them free on their digital shelves. So, where did they decide to test their Sierra Parka? In an ice cream shop’s freezer of course!

The New Taylor Stitch Sierra Parka held its own when placed in the -11F chill of the freezer, proving its functionality and insulation. You will not be feeling the winter chill when wearing this parka. Its exceptional insulation is not the work of fairies or good fortunate but rather high-loft material insulation – insulation that has supposedly obtained the best rating possible!

Its nice features do not end there. It has a nylon exterior that will repel any rainfall and when wearing it you will feel like you are in your soft duvet because of its inclusion of brushed cotton. This is in amongst YKK waterproof zippers, cord stoppers and gunmetal snaps.

Is this the best parka to be released this year? We will let you decide that one. If you’re a guy who is energy-consumption conscious and is committed to taking care of the planet, you’ll also be happy with this parka as it is made from recycled polyester.

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